How soon can you deliver the job?

My work schedule is pretty flexible, which means that I am able to assign quality time to each project I take on. I am a fast and effective worker who knows how to focus and deliver quality work within realistic timeframes. The length of time it takes to complete each task depends on the quality of your brief and my knowledge of the specific subject.

What is your writing style?

Whether it’s hard or soft sell you’re after, my writing style is aimed at engaging your audience. What is my writing philosophy? To keep things simple; to write clearly and in an active voice; to making it personal, relatable, natural; to deliver content which is focused, specific, solution-orientated, and compelling; to write in a lively and credible tone of voice.

Do you charge per hour or per word?

I am always prepared to engage in the good old per-word-per-hour debate. However, I truly believe that my clients benefit most by paying me for my time. Hence, I do not charge per word unless the job requires large amounts of proofreading and editing (then it’d be a fixed fee).