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Olá! Como está? Chamo-me Chrizane.

(Soon, I hope to be offering my services in Portuguese too!)

My name is Chrizane and I am a freelance content specialist. I am fortunate enough to be living in the beautiful city of Maputo, Mozambique where it’s always warm, the wifi is dirt-cheap and fresh coconuts are easy to come by.

I really do love coconuts; But I love words more. I have always loved using them in clever ways. To me, writing is the only way of making sense of this world and I hope to help others see the value in it too.

I may be living in a laid-back city, but I am forever seeking new and exciting opportunities to learn and serve people through words. This recent change has enabled me to now focus on doing everything I’ve done well and more!

Since graduating from journalism school in 2011, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people from diverse industries. I have been in business for nearly 6 years – half of which I spent in corporate and marketing communications – and this has taught me to effectively manage time, identify customer expectations and simplify even the most complex topics.

I am not a fan of generic, convoluted or overly enthusiastic writing. I believe that good writing and clear thinking is something that transcends genres and industries. I know that great content is at the heart of every successful brand and I am particularly interested in the future of content marketing.

My passion is to create messages that will leverage your brand, improve customer engagement and deliver memorable stories that can cut through the white noise.

My Qualifications

BA Media and Writing, English, Afrikaans – University of Cape Town (2008-2010)
BPhil Journalism – Stellenbosch University (2011)
Certificate in Business Writing (Get Smarter) – University of Cape Town (2016)

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